iOS 16 Update

iOS 16 is available for iPads, it’s safe or compatible with Nomad the update, or better wait?

I have updated ALL devices - an older Ipad Pro, a new IPad Pro and an Iphone.
Without backups…
So far no problems.


Great to know it

Hi josepmy.

I was using the iPadOS 16.1 beta, I am currently using an oldish 2017 iPad 5th generation with 2GB of ram.

I had no issues with Nomad Sculpt or Procreate during the beta stage of iPadOS 16 so I think as Holger has stated, you should be ok to update to the latest version of iPadOS.

You could make a backup just in case, however I think you should be good to go.

I am really liking the new update 1.68 from Stephane, yes I’ve had to get my head around a few of the changes but nothing that can’t be re-learned or understood by watching a few of the videos that are out on YouTube.

Peace Out.

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Yes, all ok with iOS16, yesterday I update and run like a charm.
Now I must decide if update the desktop to macOS Ventura or wait for almost one update before