Insert Tool - limited function on Android

On Android devices your finger tap is not recognized while tapping with your spen (or when the pen tip is detected by the screen).

For the insert tool: a message appears as soon as you insert a new object with your pen tip: “Single tap with second finger to switch mode”

As told that’s not possible on Android. Besides not knowing what it does, I assume you will toggle through the options: move, rotate, scale, …

As android device pens all should have at least one button, I would suggest to give the option to toggle via pen button instead of second finger tap.

You can still use multi-touch with the finger then.

Note that with the transform tool, the popup appears even when “snap” is off, but that’s a bug and should only appear when ”snap” is on.


Some (noris digital pencils and older wacoms) don’t have a button but an eraser instead so a binding would be better (with default binding=pencil button). multi touch works quite ok though.

Ok - figured it out. You have to enable sculpt via finger (in Gestures - I disabled it to Stylus only, to improve the overall sculpt experience).

You might also consider to add a hint in the pop-up menu? Like: “Single tap with second finger to switch mode. Android: non-Stylus only.” For the other Android Noops like me.

I will hope for the “Maybe” :wink: