Individuated Mirroring

Ab ove

Each of these items will need to be dragged from this symmetry file,
added under a new, additional mirror file, in order to prevent all these items from merging into one massive, difficult-to-additionally edit super-object.

The creation of primitives, one after the other, in the natural fashion in which nomad sculptors design their works, conveniently file themselves. However this can create long re-indexing issues while organizing the scene, when the scene list is ready to be officialized, restructured, decemated, remeshed or whatever else is needed under the umbrella of larger creative demands. A simple option would seriously help with object indexing.

Beyond Mirroring Indexes

Mirroring is the most common overfile (IME, even for asymmetrical biological works) but this option could affect all overfile’s indexed objects (Radial, arrays and so forth.) As the application of the option could be applied to mirrored objects, I imagine it could be universalized, at least for the sake of consistency.

The (…) triple dot option list could feature this additional organizational option.

Oh boy, you lost me. I could not follow.
Anyway some thoughts:
Did you try nodes to create groups you can collapse?
This way you have to deal with one object in scene menu.
Will help to organise.
Did you try nested mirroring? If this makes sense……as said I could not really understand your issue.

Or is it about validation of selection? Sorry, I need another coffee :wink:


“Keep instances.” Does ALMOST exactly what I was asking for. But it their symmetrical behavior is of a different sort.

Edit: Re-take a look
The option would be more like “join children for each selected individually”