Import picture reference

is there a way to import a picture as my reference to scuplt?i tried using the background > reference image then import but i dont see it in the background…

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Are you in version 1.23?

yes i am in version 1.23

Once you import a picture from the reference image pane it should go directly to your background.

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its working now…thanks…

With the reference image imported, is there a way to change the opacity of the object you’re working on? Sorry everyone if this is such a noob question.

SOLVED found Mesh opacity

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Thank you DumbAlien. Is that the official Image Reference process. Or is that a solution that you discovered? thx :sunglasses:

Lighting menu item (between the grid , and landscape icons) near the bottom there’s a “Mesh Opacity” slider :sunny:

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Thanks larsvision! Found it after rechecking every single menu. I missed it a couple of times because I was working on the phone and forgot to scroll down… :slight_smile: Cheers!

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@Saragnayan @larsvision There’s a bespoke way to do what you want without messing with mesh opacity. There is an “overlay” slider in the reference image settings.


OKay. That is much better. Affects the entire scene. thx Andrew.

Awesome! That’s exactly what I was looking for! Cheers!

That’s just the way I found out how to do it.

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Can i ask how to import text in nomad?

You probably have to use blender or something else and convert the text to a mesh object and export it to the OBJ format.

I seem to run in to a texture limit or max referece limit.
My lib is very full and when I tried to import some large ref images I made with my phone,
Around 4mb nomad will not import the image.
Tried removing some ref images from the menu,same problem
Then compressed the new pictures to about 800 kb ,and that did the trick

I got 89 backgrounds between 18MB - 5kb in my folder. Thanks to IOS file crap, I can’t tell you the folder size.

@knacki There is a way of seeing file sizes:

In iCloud Files

  1. Push/hold to bring up options.
  2. Choose “Share”
  3. In the share screen you can see the folder file size.

Multiple Files:

  1. Press 3-Dot symbol to bring up options menu.
  2. Choose “Select”
  3. Select all desired files.
  4. Choose “Share”
  5. In the share screen you can see the total size of all selected files.

In your Device Files
The above method doesn’t work. However, the file sizes of individual files (not folder totals) should be displayed when scrolling through files. To know the size of a folder, you would need to add up the totals of all files contained. OR you could just copy the folder to your iCloud folder and use the above method.

Yeah, I know. Thank you. Not working with system created folders, just with self created folders. What a stupid mess! :see_no_evil:

Hi, I am experiencing this issue and can’t import a reference image to the background at all. I also don’t have a backgrounds folder for some reason. Can anyone help? Thanks!