Importing background reference

I’m trying to input a background defense but I get this error.

Hmm is it working if you try to drop it in another folder?
What version of iOS are you on?

Note that even if it works, there is a current issue when you drop images to the background folder (and possibly matcap/env as well but not sure).
it will be fixed on the next release though.

For now the correct way to add background is through the import button from Nomad.

This is what I get when I try to import a picture.

I can’t save my png file picture in either folder. To include the dub folders as well. I get that error.

Yes as expected, I suppose you were expecting a popup to the Photos iOS thing instead.
Ideally I should let the user choose between Files/Photos when importing an image.

Hi, I created an account on this forum because I have the same question (roughly)

I’m trying to import an image that’s saved in my ipad gallery as a reference but I have no idea how. I cannot go to the ipad gallery, so I need to now export images to dropbox before i can import them as a workaround. Is this intended?

On next release you’ll be able to choose between “Files” or the “Photos” gallery.

Until then you can manage without dropbox, you can simply copy your images from the iPad Gallery to the Files.
You can do that with long press -> Share ->“Save to Files”
Then you’ll be able to pick the background from Nomad.