Import for reference

I’m likely just missing where to find it, but where is the import/delete option for the background reference images in the new build?

It’s a bug.
Until it’s getting fixed you can drop the files to the background folder.

Thanks. No problem. I was just trying to show my son how to use a reference for what he wanted to make.

Probably another simple question. I haven’t used apple products for the last 2 decades, so how do I do that with an iPad? File management with an iPad seems like it could use some more options.

Use the Files app - select “on my ipad” on the left panel then find Nomad & the backgrounds folder is in there. Then drag & drop the images into the folder as @knacki shows below :grin:

Split screen is your friend.

Check this tutorial for split view.
Split view

Open photo app.
Open files app.
Drag & Drop

You can do same with files and safari and drag & drop directly from internet.

Same works with Procreate. You can drag & drop directly to canvas from safari.
You can even drag & drop one layer from Procreate to another painting app like Infinite Painter.

Thanks guys. That worked. Is there a better way to get it to update the images in that section. I just reset the iPad.

Close & reopen nomad did the trick here, if I understand you correctly?
I assume you could not see the dropped picture in nomad?

@knacki Thanks again. I knew there had to be a way to do that. Again, not great with apple here. Just looked up how to do that…lol

Yeah - took me a while before I got into that as well. My 10,5” still has a home button for double press, without button it is this slide from lower third upward thingy, isn’t it? But split view opens a bunch of options you’ll love.
One advice: :wink:
After struggling with all HD management, I finally bought File Browser.

File Browser

It allows copy - navigate to destination folder - paste. But that was not the reason why I bought it. For a few bucks…was it 5$? …you can connect your PC network HD or NAS or …anything…and copy paste data over WLAN instead of internet speed. That really makes backup stuff with huge data much easier and can save expensive Apple HD space. It connects to Dropbox and Google drive as well, in this case in internet speed for sure.

It also integrates in Nomads import dialogue, so you can directly load models stored on your PC or NAS. Some of your trillions models maybe :thinking:
I guess this can be pretty useful for you as well, as picture management still is kind of terrible on Apple, as long you want to save other pictures than family photos.

Four fingers drag (vertically) to managed opened app, depending on the drag distance the behavior is different. Then you can exit app by sliding apps up.

I use that all the time. I just bought an Galaxy Tab S7 and the missing 4 fingers drag is the one thing I miss the most on Android.

Ahh - well, good you mentioned this! On iPad it is four fingers pinch on iPhone without home button lower third one finger slide up plus double press home button on those devices still having that.