Huge number of polygons and tangled mesh. When adding clay quickly. After the update

Since the update. I end up with a huge number of Polygons. Maybe not a bug. But I think it has changed. Please see attachment. First screenshot is the tools and settings I normally use.
Second screenshot is the Brush setting I use. I use the Clay tool and Dynamic Typology and Fall Off in a straight line and Intensity is set to 100 percent. Adding Clay quickly to a figure or a Sphere in this example. The mesh now tend to tangle and add huge amount of polygons. Specifically in the spots shown in screenshot 3. The polygon count reaches almost 3 million in no time. I could be wrong. But it did not do so before. Apart from this. I do like the update.

I understand you can set the Dynamic topology to Radius instead of Screen.
Or Method to Decimation / Subdivision. Pressure on radius / stroke falloff.
But those settings are as I always used them. And they are not the cause of the mesh that now tend to tangle when adding the Clay fast.
I hope this makes sense.

A video could help understand how it happens, not of the end result but rather how it happens in the first place.

Hope this shows it better. I made 3 of 1 minute video.
It’s hard to show all the settings in such a short clip. But they are as I mentioned.

Would like to add. The iPad Is a iPad Pro M1 with 16GB ram. So it should not be the specs.

You should probably reset your tool settings and reduce the detail slider if it produces too many polygons.
I suspect problematic settings (very small stroke spacing?).

By the way it’s straighforward to record video with the iPad if you need to do it again one day Record the screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support

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:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks. Seems to have worked. Maybe the default is a little different after the update. But now it works again. My mistake.

Had to film with the phone. As a screen recording would not show if it was un-responsive. :wink: