How to project details?

Whenever I voxel merge two meshes, the details are smoothed out considerably. Is there a way to project details from the original mesh?

You have to hide the parts with the details you want to keep. Then do voxel remesh GLOBAL (so the 2nd step the first) the details will be saved.


Remesh global, not voxel remesh global.

Also simply increase the detail range, there’s a slider for that in the settings.


Thanks! Now I get it

So far from the answer that understand is there is no way to keep the subdivision levels if you go with remesh rather than voxel remesh. Subdivisions are kinda useful if you wish to deform, pose or reshape the model. Mesh projection from a previous history state or another identical subtool could have been a nice edition.

Some additions have been made but reproject is not there.
You can voxel remesh in very high resolution now, and you can define subdivisions. Keep in mind, that voxel remeshing is not that precise, so it’s best to use only one or two subdivisions. Keeping lowest level in mind, you can help yourself much more, than at the time the original post was started.

“Keep sharp edges” is also a new helpful addition.

This won’t help, but decimation is also there now. It gives a brilliant decimation, but triangulated.

Thank you for the reply, yeah regular remiss works just fine but I was looking for to get a low res option to use for posing. it would be much easier to pose like that… I was thinking to start with low poly first then subdivide it as a “new layer” and then turn of the layer and pose it with low poly version. I will try this.