How to mirror existent objects? shoe for example

how to mirror existent objects? shoe for example

I tried, but nothing adequate came out of it.

Activate the shoe in the Scene menu - then press the small PLUS sign - then select the Repeater Node Mirror.


thanks :heartpulse:

but what “join children” means and what it does?

and why sometimes gizmo sphere is off the object in two object’s diameters apart (in other words why isn’t gizmo sphere in the center?)?

Join Children ON: When validating, both shoes become 1 object. If join children is OFF you will get 2 objects when validating, the left and the right shoe.

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The result seems skewed in your first screenshot, it’s a known issue on the current version.
Switching symmetry to world should fix the issue (or bake the matrix in the gizmo menu).

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