How to keep a Spiral Tube, Tail, hose etc all on the same plane, level, height?

Hello. I am making a character tail and I need to keep it all on the same level. from above the Tail will look like it is al little bit shaped as a spiral, but the tail is resting on a floor. I have a square base at the moment to represent the floor location and position the character siting flat on it, but the the floor will be erased. the character I am making is for 3d Printing. The thing is that is quite difficult and very slow to position each segment of the tube at the exact same level, or even as close to it as possible. So I wonder if there is some way to achieve this that I may be missing? I tried to use the snap function, not sure if is the right way to do it. Any suggestions will be really appreciated.

As you mentioned, use the snap function. Look at it from the top and move your points over the “floor” cube and it should snap to it. Just know that it snaps the tube’s midpoint to it so if you want it sitting a little higher, move your floor higher to account for it.

Once the points at in place on the cube, you can turn off the Snap function and use your view cube to snap your view to a plane. Then make adjustments pew viewing plane so you don’t mess up your previously snapped points.

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You could add a working plane for snap. But as soon as your tail tip has a smaller radius than your tail beginning it will need some handcrafted love.
Next release will make tube edit a bit easier, but it will take some more days, weeks?

Made with Webdemo. Still missing rotation per tube vertex, but is said to come.


Which nomad version is that one? I don’t see that geometric thing on my curve menu options. I have 1.76. Oh web demo, so I think it is 1.77

I did try the snap tool, but it did nothing at all. I am probably using it in a wrong way, I will try again.

So I did it. With snap and 4 planes at 4 different highs so I could have the thinner parts at the same floor level I needed and not in the air. What I discovered is that for this to work well I need to move the white dots of the parts I need to snap to a plane level only when I am looking perfectly from above, just a little movement and it snaps to the choose plane.
To get the exact levels took me around 2 hours. But I achieved it with precision.
I needed to be straight in to the “floor” but a little bit under just enough to have a very small part flat to stick to the 3D printer bed.

There is a snap offset for tubes.

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