How to export so Blender accepts file?

My first attempt to export a file, using both obj and GtLB, sent it to Google Drive and downloaded to my PC, but Blender does not support the file format. I didn’t do any remeshing. Unfortunately I don’t know how to upload pictures to this forum, but it’s not a complicated model. Others seem to be able to import into Blender. What am I doing wrong?

Use search function please. Took me 2min.

Double check the extension of your file… make sure Google Drive or iOS didn’t strip it.
Both formats are supported by Blender.

I’ve seen this, but it doesn’t explain why Blender won’t open my files.

I tried connecting the tablet to the PC by USB. The files directly imported were still not recognized. Same error message: file format not supported. (In the Windows 3D viewer the obj was visible as colorless, the glb was in color but missing some parts.) In Blender 2.93 I have wave obj and glTF 2.0 import enabled.

Did you check the extension?
How do you import a file in Blender?

Thank you so much. This is embarrassing, but I tried to use “open” instead of “import”. Over import, Blender opened both formats, glb and obj, just as modeled in Nomad. No color, but there are other posts in this forum I can read on that. You are very patient.

:rofl: :joy: sorry I only just read what was going on, yep - been there, done it. Not the only one! To upload pictures to the forum, hit the small icon with the arrow pointing up above these input text boxes (near the quotation mark icon) - or simply drag and drop a file/photo into these input boxes, both methods work.

This boy is the culprit. I found the video on how to get the colors in Blender, so that’s next. (No wonder Blender is not popular). Thanks, really appreciate how quickly you respond in this forum.

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Blender has a horrid learning curve, but as all software… once you get used to it and understand it, it becomes a breeze over time. Any particular reason why you wanted to export this model out to begin with? Just curious.

I want to see if he can be rigged and animated, possibly some details added like better hands. Here is a 2D version of my character (he’s evolved so much from a drawing by Jack Hamm in his book on cartooning that I can call him mine). I’ve set him up in Moho 12 so he can do a decent head turn, but of course there are limits to 2D puppets. I learned some Blender (no sculpting), but after a break of three months it’s as good as gone. I just realized that in material view, the colors show up as in Nomad. Duh. Thanks for your interest.

If he’s low poly enough you can bring him into Mixamo web software ( and rig him there, it’ll be much easier and others have used it with success with Nomad models. Diverting time between both softwares (Blend and Nom) will take a dog age to learn entirely, a lot of 3D principle work can be learned on Nomad first - like building hands. I don’t know what creative background you come from so I can’t suggest anymore, other than good luck and I hope your projects turn out as you planned.

Thanks for your interest, John. I had to smile at “which creative background” - dilettante, amateur, retired hobbyist, copycat, compulsive software tester. One use of 3D models would be as guides for 2D drawings, but 3D has an appeal on its own. Well-meaning people tell me, stick to writing and music and forget about those cartoons. Nomad is a good entry back into 3D after forgetting what I learned about Blender on Udemy. I have lifetime access to the courses …

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