Getting exports into Aero

UPDATE: Apparently Adobe made improvements to the import capabilities of Aero (at least on iOS app) and that has allowed exports in glb and obj to retain what appears to be may apply colors.

So, I’m obsessed w/ getting Nomad Models as (obj,glTF,glb or anything) that can be imported into Adobe Aero to create Virtual reality files. I would also like to export in a file format for import into Adobe Dimensions…

Going from Nomad in export as OBJ fails to bring the colors and any serious increase in topology seems to exceed the miserable 50MB allowed by the program

Here is a mp4 where I managed to force fit the OBJ file, but I can never seem to get any color into the obj file to transfer…

Any assistance or hints anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.

as far as i know, you need export gltf to have vertex colors exported , you need high density mesh to have a nice detailed vertex colors. You need to use generalist or zbrush or 3dcoat 3d programme to retopo then unwrap your retopo version then bake your exported sculpt to the new optimised retopo version.
because AR need optimised models.

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Thanks for this important insight, that all makes sense, but wow! a lot of effort I’ve seen stuff on how to retopologize and bake, but for now that is far beyond my skill set.

Thanks for the rapid response. At least now I know where to head in getting Nomad files into Aero, even if the process is downright painful.

there is “instant mesh” and it’s free and compatible with blender if you don’t animate it’s ok
and there is Bystedts Blender Baker new bake addon for blender and some nice unwrap tools addons too

Thanks as well for these suggestions.

I guess I was rather naive to think that once I had finished painting my model and applying topology that all this could be readily exported and opened as a model in Aero.

I am also looking at some tools in Apple Apps for iOS to import and paint UV, but nothing that exciting

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Nicolas, thanks for this, especially the SouthernGFX video, which I had seen earlier in my learning process and at the time was like, “well, don’t need this.” yet, I do!