How to create horns

First of all hi everyone, just get yesterday the nomad app and it’s quiet fantastic.
I have a quick question, I d like some tips for create the same kind of horns as on this picture.


Hey, Nomad doesn’t have the snake hook brush (yet) which would make this type of thing easy. You can go about it a few ways. You could use the drag brush together with dynamic topology to pull out the macroscopic form and then add the details, or you could start with a cilinder (or multiple voxel merged cilinders) and nudge it with the move brush until you get the the shape you’re looking for.

Btw @stephomi will we get a snake hook brush in the future?

It’s the “Drag” tool, just use a smoothstep falloff to be more similar to snake hook behavior.

I’ll probably do a tube brush/primitive in the future that could help to make horns or stuff like that.

Until then you can find an example with a video in Ev.artworks gallery
It starts with a cone, then drag tool and interestingly use masking to help with the patterns.

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TLDR; I guess my issue with the drag brush is that the tip of the extrusion points in the direction you start dragging, and not in the direction you finish.

I feel like there is a big difference in behavior from the snake hook brush I’m used to, in that the “tip” of the extrusion doesn’t follow the cursor, it is more like the tip is dragged, and the rest of the extrusion follows the tip. This results in extrusions whose tip looks weird. For reference, the behavior in Blender looks like this:

I haven’t yet found a way to configure the drag brush to do this in Nomad.

The closest thing in Nomad:

I was comparing with zbrush, not blender.

The difference in behavior is probably due to the “Rake” option in blender.

Oh I see! I guess it’s a matter of preference then, and it’s indeed the rake slider. Although specifically for creating bendy things like this, I find that rake is very handy. I don’t know why zbrush doesn’t have it as default but there must be a reason I guess.

I think this one of the many ideal cases for your possible future curve tools you mentioned in another thread @stephomi ! I’d love to make a curve and work the nodes out into a good angle first since it’s harder to achieve bends and twists with ideal forms otherwise.