First sculpt doodle - Mask

Hello my first Nomad sculpt… amazing app.
Sometimes I use blender so GUI and names are quite similar… (but faster) and easy to learn
Miss some functions

  • follow (rotate) alpha stroke
  • Snake Hook or IK brush
  • edit individual pieces of object with gizmo
  • load alphas from zip file (multiple at once)
  • add alphas for cutting to trim tool :smiley:

Looks great good work :slight_smile:

To a couple of your “missing” tools:

Snakehook can be achieved using the drag brush with dynamic topology enabled - combined with various falloff profiles, this can give the desired effect.

Edit individual parts with gizmo can be achieved within each tools setting. At bottom of stroke menu there is “connected topography” checkbox. If unticked then your tool works across grouped objects. Ticked it will only work on individual objects. Also, hold mask button on left and click on separate objects to mask them whilst working on other sub objects in the group.

Alphas for cutting & trimming can be achieved using mask alphas. Then in mask tool settings on top menu, you can engrave / emboss / extract or split using the masked area (or it’s inverse). Not the same as cutting directly with an alpha but just as useful.

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