Extrude? Is there a way?

Is it possible AT ALL, to extrude faces in Nomad? I have been losing my mind trying to make a single gear. Nothing special. This app is amazing for organic looking models. But it seems basic sharp edged modeling such as extruding edges/polygons is virtually impossible! Please can anyone help?

You can use masking, in my own opinion it’s a stressful process. Im hoping the developer can do something about some hard edge modelling

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Yes you can extrude surfaces…
But for your example there are other solutions.
Here is an example of a gear in Nomad Sculpt : Nomad Sculpt - Quickshots 10 - Gear Wheel - YouTube
But it is faster with an free online tool:
igus® CAD
Design your gear - download - and then drag and prop in Nomad Sculpt.

Here are three more videos on extruding:

I’ve made a number of gears before. Try using a slightly different method.

Create a fairly simple cylinder with a hole first. This will be a quick example for the main part of the gear. Next will be one of the teeth. Start with a cube and bring down the segments. Now use the trim to get the rest of the tooth design. Use the gizmo to move the tooth left or right and put it in place. Now mirror the tooth. Next you will be using the gizmo combined with clone and rotate to a specific degree depending on the number of teeth you are planning. Simple merge and you have a quick gear. Using these same steps combined with some interesting booleans, you can create just about any gear you can think of.

I think there’s an image in my little area. I’ll check in a moment here.

Found it.

That’s some of the gears I made when I was first starting with Nomad. If you go to post 91 it will show a much lower poly version with the above method.

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