How to add a loop cut to a cylinder?

I am trying out Nomad Sculpt for the first time after a brief struggle with Blender, and the one thing I have not been able to figure out is how to add loop cuts to a cylinder. I’m looking to model wine bottle sort of shapes… I thought it would be pretty self explanatory to build a basic bottle from a cylinder by adding loop cuts and adjusting the radius and bevel, but as far as I can tell there is not an option for that in Nomad Sculpt. Any ideas on how I could do this, or a different method I could use to create the shape I’m looking for?

Split - filling none - then join the splited objects - they weld together - then you have a new loop.

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This. Also you could use the Lathe-Tool, which is perfect for this purpose.

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Thank you so much! A few more steps than I anticipated but this should work exactly how I want it to!

Tube? Or lathe? I think both would be easier than editing a cylinder.

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We think alike.