How do I bend shapes?

I’m trying to figure out how I can bend objects, like bending a rectangle into an arch shape, or a sheet into a contoured wing shape, or make similar bends in other objects. Is there a good way to go about this?

There is no right way to bend. Some things are simply done differently: you don’t take a rectangle and bend it into an arc, you create an arc with the torus or the tube, for example. And you don’t have to bend a sheet to get a wing, you use a tube profile instead.

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Thanks for the advice, I hadn’t thought about using a cylinder for that kind of thing. :+1:t2:. Also, the torus is a perfect solution for a complex shape I was envisioning with an arch in two directions! Thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it! :+1:t2:

You can change also the divisions, e.g. a torus with division 4 is a rectangle arc - it is also possible to set the angle. And yes, a cylinder + hole and a trim → is also a arc.
And the tube works for everything…
When I think about it, I have never needed a bend function.
Bending would only be important for posing a figure, not for creating it.


Thank you for the info, the division set to 4 trick sounds like it will be very useful! :+1:t2:. I’m still a relative newbie to Nomad (only been using it for about a year), so I really appreciate the advice and tips! :+1:t2:. I really love using Nomad, I tried doing a sculpt in Blender on my desktop recently, and the UI is not nearly as streamlined. It felt like I was fighting it to do basic things. Blender is useful for certain things, but Nomad is such a wonderful sculpting software, I’d say it’s better than Blender for sculpting and modeling, at least for me. :+1:t2:

I watched some of your bending tutorials, I guess you don’t use that method anymore?

I know how to possibly bend something, but I haven’t used it for ages…I do everything so that I don’t have to bend anything.


I guess I did just think of something I was wanting to bend that I don’t know if the cylinder solution would work for. What do you do with clothes? Like bending the tip of a collar? Or that kind of thing? So far I’ve been sculpting simple things, and have gotten a lot faster with those things, but I’d like to start sculpting some different characters for a project, and the clothes are one of the difficult parts for me to figure out. :+1:t2: