How can I separate two shapes that are bound symmetrically?

I pulled a cylinder into nomad with symmetry on so that I would have two cylinders. Now I would like to reposition the shapes Independant of each other. The problem is they Move in unison and I can’t separate them from each other. Any help would be appreciated.

Actually that’s exactly on what I’m working at the moment: an option to reseparate disconnected part into several mesh.

However for the current version there’s a way but it takes more step:

  • mask one of the two cylinders
  • go in the “Tool” panel and click on “split” (you need to have the mask tool selected)

Update: now that I think about it… I could also add an option with the “Rotate/Scale/Move” tool to only interact with a single connected part.
That way no need to split the cylinders if you don’t need to.


Perfect! That solution worked for me.