Help, know basic posing, but really struggling posing character along with shell clothing


I understand posing basics in Nomad (mask, blur, move pivot…). However, I have a character with complex (multipiece) shell clothing. I can’t voxel merge the clothing shells with the body as all kinds of holes appear in the clothing. If I simple merge and mask, no matter how thorough I try to be, there seem to be little internal spots that aren’t masked that lead to spikes sticking out of the model when I move a part of it and things line back up all wrong when I try to reposition after rotating for example. Do any of you have a method to pose a character with separate clothing? Or, is there a way to voxel merge shell clothing with a body without holes and raggedy edges? I’ve cranked the resolution as high as I can and that still happens. High resolution would make posing very difficult anyway, of course. Thanks!


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