Help for a decoration

Hi everyone. I’m trying to model the object in the background. I’m stuck at define the decorations around the body of the canopy, the golden ones bars on top and bottom. My strategy is adding rectangular shapes and then cut it to have round edges and bend them using move tool or select-blur-gizmo. The problem with this is that I can’t make the shapes symmetrical to itself, I’m force to clean cut the round edges with hand.

Any help to this situation ? Is maybe possibile to model an object separately then add to the project mirrored in radial ?

Thanks o much to everyone !

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I guess you are looking for “insert tool”

A couple ways to do this come to mind… but you may be able to use the Lathe tool.

  • Draw the shape you want and the opposite side will be the same shape.
  • Once validated, cut a slice out of the middle.
  • Scale it along one axis to make it long.

Now you have your rectangles with rounded corners.

  • Mask and bend as needed.
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You could also Boolean the curve out of the rectangle’s corner.

  • Make the rectangle and a hollow tube with the tube intersecting the rectangle’s corner at the desired curve.
  • Cut/remove parts of the tube anywhere you don’t want it to Boolean out of the rectangle.
  • Boolean remove the tube out of the rectangle’s corner.

Now you have the rectangle with rounded corners.

  • Mask and bend as needed.

Note: this method was easier to get right than the Lathe method. However, you can customize the lathes corner and shape a little more than this method.

For making multiples around the object (assuming you can use symmetry):

  • Place the first where you want it
  • Mirror so it places a second on the opposite side
  • Clone
  • Rotate the clone.
  • Rinse and repeat as needed.
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I’m trying with the lathe mothod. I got this, now I’d need to cut the sides of the shapes, but I can’t have local symmetry on the single object (i have radial on y activated) and if I cut my cutting shape touch the other side and i get a double unwanted cutting. :frowning:

I approximated the result using insert-clone with radial symmetry. (is there a way to place the object without dragging the pen? so it just stay in place and don’ t get bended to some side ?)

Now my next problem is: how can I bend the shape to be like the body of the canopy ? I tried with move tool but it just translate not bend.

My odyssey continues. I managed to use selection to bend the object, but when I attempt to bend the top nomad won’t use center as symmetry center and bends all the tops around the gizmo. I’m trying to use instances to modify a single piece and let the program apply to all the others but without success. What I’m missing ?

You can edit the gizmo to be in the top section of the part. Then you can bend at the new gizmo location.

An easier way to achieve this is to make a shell of the center object, place your rectangles and then Boolean off the shell. Then your rectangles will have the same curve as the center object. You would then have to curve your corners but that may be easier than trying to bend everything. I’ll do it and post a gif again…



  • Mask full Vase
  • Use Shell tool in Mask menu
  • Make a shell

Now you have a shell of your vase

  • Make a shell of the shell
  • Reverse Culling on inside the shell
  • Voxel merge both shells with inside shell hidden (selected but not visible)
  • Cut off top/bottom (doesn’t seem to work otherwise)

Now you have a part that you can subtract out of your rectangle

  • Voxel merge rectangle and shell with shell hidden (selected but not visible)
  • Delete extra parts

Now you have the decorations around your vase

  • Clone and Rotate parts around vase as needed

You can increase your resolution so it’s higher def and check the “Keep sharp edges” option when Voxel merging if you want to keep your corners. You’ll then have to round out your corners which may have to be done by hand. I would suggest doing one side, then mirroring it along one axis, then mirroring it to the other side using a perpendicular axis. Hopefully that makes sense.

You may be able to get a smooth curve by masking the corner, blurring it, inverting the mask, then smoothing.

A lot of ways to skin a cat… not even sure I’m on the right path.


Your reply is the best!
Now I need to scale the pieces around the center, any way to move the gizmo to the center of mass of the object or something similar ?

Why instances’ children don’t get modified when I modify the parent ?

Thanks lot for helping me learn ! Have a wonderful day!

In the 1.66 release it will be possible to have “radial” instancing (not finished but testable in nomad - WebAssembly, radial “repeater” nodes)

Then it’s not an instance anymore. When you use Trim it creates a new mesh so maybe in your current version it doesn’t propagate to other instances.
Many things changed since then, but normally using voxel/trim/mask extract propagate to other instances.
If you set the gizmo in “vertex” mode, it should propagate to other instances as well.