How do I chamfer edges?

I’m a newbie here, and I was wondering how to chamfer edges of things like cylinders in Nomad. I know in Shapr, that used a tool to add a chamfer, and after you selected the tool, you’d select the edge you wanted to chamfer and it would add a chamfer to it. I’m not expecting that it works the same in Nomad, so far I haven’t found any similar tool, but I’ve seen people make things that have chamfered edges in Nomad. How do I achieve this result in Nomad? Can I apply a chamfer to one specific edge? Thank you for creating such a great piece of software, and I really appreciate the forum here! :+1:t2:

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I found a helpful video where the guy made a clone of the smoothing tool, and made some changes to the settings for it. I followed his instructions and found a way to round the edges up to a certain point. If I mask the other edges on the cylinder, the rounding effect doesn’t get applied to those edges, so that is helpful. But how do I chamfer an edge with like a flat angled edge around a cylinder? What if I want the edge of my cylinder to have a flat angle removed? I haven’t figured out a good way to get the trim tool to do this all the way around the cylinder, it only removes an angled section at two sides of the cylinder when symmetry is turned on. How do I go about getting this effect?

There is no chamfer tool. But for some objects low poly and Mask helps.


Ok, thanks, I’ll have to continue experimenting with that method then. :+1:t2:

You can simply enable radial symmetry and use flatten tool.

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Thank you, that is very helpful! :+1:t2:. Does that work on boxes as well? I’ll have to try it out! Definitely easier than making a cone, trimming it, and combing it onto a cylinder. :+1:t2: