Help Exporting for 3D Printing with Vertex Coloring

Hi! I’m totally new at this.

I’m trying to export a 3D print compatible file with vertex coloring. My original model design came from Shapr3D, which I imported into Nomad. Shapeways (the 3D printer) needs a VRML97 or X3D file. Nomad doesn’t export either of these, so I’m not sure what in-between steps to take to get prep the file and keep the coloring from Nomad in tact. I’ve downloaded Blender and Cinema4D in attempt to follow some tutorials, but I haven’t had any luck. 4D is particularly confusing, seems to be pretty advanced software. Help!?

I have a fdm printer and have never heard of those file types. The most common freeware slicer is cura and the file type is stl and obj. I would see if you can switch to that. It’s difficult to print diff colors with a 3d printer unless your machine has 2 nozzles. It’s impossible with a resin printer. I mean you can just dump dye in the vat and mix it. Once a file is sliced you can’t alter it anymore. You can reprint but not change it. You need the original obj or stl file to change it.

Meshlab is a free file converter etc. , but I never used it. I was looking for a good tutorial for you, as I have no experience in color 3D printing, but was not that successful.
This is about UVs and texture image

But you need vertex painting.
This is working due to this, very old, post
Vertex painting export

Sorry, maybe others can help better.

Good luck

The OBJ export from Nomad should be enough for 3d printing and vertex colors.