How to export colors for color 3d printing

Hi, we painted our model in nomad and are hoping to retain the color information for 3D printing and color on a large production scale color 3D printer. This is normally done by exporting obj with textures and MTL files and so forth… can anyone provide a workaround to do something like this out of nomad? How to preserve the color information perhaps running it through a third party program to then be able to export the MTL and obj etc?

If you bake the colours to texture maps then you can export OBJ file with associated MTL

What kind of 3D printer does full color prints? I’d probably never be able to afford it, but I just want to see what kind of quality it prints out.

Shapeways offers color prints. No need to buy a cow if you just want to taste a zip of milk :wink:

Those guys as well:

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All I’m seeing is that it’s a set price per cubed mm. But not what the actual price is, even per cubed mm…lol. I’m sure it isn’t cheap, but I’m considering setting up a file just to see how much it will be. Probably cheaper to just get a decent resin printer and paint it myself, but I’m just curious. I’m still waiting for 1-2 more generations before jumping in anyway. It’s just about where I think should be a good starting point.

I made some tests some years ago. Two silver rings, one little cat made of brass and gold plated later and an ceramic elephant one could fill with coffee milk.

All of them were around 50€.

Make objects watertight and hollow according design rules for chosen material, upload and you’ll see the price before placing order.

About OT.
You can export with vertice colors included. I.e. as STL.
That should do the trick, no?

Last pic is a sphere exported as STL with vertice colors and imported again.

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[quote=“Bezzo, post:2, topic:14409”]
you bake the colours to texture maps then you can export OBJ file with
Hi, its the HP Jet Fusion 580 Color 3D Printer, which uses PA 12 nylon material. A production scale printer at a facility in Chicago. They are called Custom Color.