3D Print whit colors

I have searched on google and youtube to find out how I can get my figure over to my 3D printer with the colors I have made on the figure. and then can print with those colors.
But every time I save the file/export it, no colors appear on my model. and have tried Thinkercad, fusion360 and my slicer is Orca or Prusa.
and stl, obj and gITF have been tried
it makes no difference.
and have ticked Vertex colors
hexa colors

Is it something in the program itself that I import the file into when I have saved it on my iCloud. I have to do.
Hope someone can help me have now spent 3 days trying to find a solution and nothing has helped even after several guides followed

have also tried what is stated in this thread here:

That doesn’t help either

I’m certainly not the one with the answer for this question. I wasn’t aware that this was even possible. I don’t have a 3d printer yet, but I still watch a lot on the subject when I get a chance.

What printer do you have that’s capable of printing the surface colors from the sculpt?

Bambulab X1C

Ok, so not exactly what I was hoping for with getting surface color, but just using different surfaces with different colors. Still cool though.

From the first video I looked at, it seems that they are choosing which spool to pull from based on which surface they chose within the slicer. No idea what slicer that is, but it should have come with the printer or through them on their website would be my guess.

This was the video I watched:

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you not understand my question.
Its not the problem to print color on my printer.
the problem are then i have make my model in nomad sculpt.
then i exportet to my 3D program so i can slice to Prusa or Orca slicer. then its all grey and i dont get the color over so i can print the color on my model.

So i dont understand that i do wrong. i have try all what i have see in the video guides .

I will make it in nomad sculpt then i will exportet to a another 3D program so i can slice it to a STL or mf3 file.
I have try to exportet to obj file or stl file from sculpt but its not working.

From what I’m seeing (again, I’m no expert and have never used that printer before), it’s not going to print what you’ve painted through vertex paint or uv’s. It just sets a certain spool that you’ve assigned to specific objects within the print. And you can only do that with the slicer that’s set up for that printer.

I am pretty sure you need to set the colors on the slicer that is able to manage multicolor filament settings.
Then if you don’t want to loose the settings, save the sliced project.
But as far I am aware it does not exist at the moment a slicer that can open a 3D model file that comes from a sculptin, CAD or Blender software with color information on it.
If you have seing that somewhere please share the source of that information with us so we can get up to date.