HDRI white balance/color temp. adjust

This is one of those extra nice-to-have feature.

I really like one of the stock hdri for the reflections it gives off, except that the ambient is too orange to be useful for my tastes. Being able to adjust in app would be convenient!


like hue/saturation/valu controls alongside the ‘blur’?

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Editing HDR files can be tricky as the range can be crazy and it’s a bit out of Nomad scope.
It’s probably best to do it outside Nomad in a specialized app (not sure what iPad would be the best fit).

As for overall color correction, maybe in the future I’ll add more control (maybe RGB curve) in the “tone mapping” postprocess section.

The blur option is only for the background, it doesn’t affect the lighting on the object.

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On IPad use affinity photo or lightroom or maybe procreate

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It needs to support hdr editing, you don’t want to clamp an hdr file.
Procreate can’t do that afaik, I don’t know about the others,

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I can confirm that Affinity Photo on the iPad can handle HDR files.

Also here’s a great source of free hdri files… HDRIs: All | HDRI Haven

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