Having trouble with masking mesh that is too close together

So I’m having a bit of trouble with sculpting limbs that are too close to other parts. Ultimately effecting both parts of the mesh instead of just one side. I did try and use masking but there are parts that are too close to each other that the masking bleeds over to areas I don’t want it too.


I did add a layer to sculpt on so my base mesh looks like this.

So if I do need to redo parts I can but I also wanted to show what I’m sculpting from in case it helps to know. And using brush sizes doesn’t seem to help with using tools like clay or drag because the bigger the size the more it affects but going small doesn’t help either in affecting enough areas. I also prefer having a complete base mesh to work on instead of having seperate limbs to be joined later on.

Also have tried to slice the arm from the torso but I don’t know how to just cut the elbow joint without cutting the arm into multiple pieces instead of the arm just being one single piece.

I’ll admit it’s really bothering me. Just I’m not quite sure what to do or what the best method is and when creating characters and creatures that have limbs and parts close to each other when sculpting and building up on a pre-made basemesh. The arms and legs especially.

I did also faced a problem with masking where I masked an area I didnt want and couldn’t erase the masking and had a pixelated look.