Hide partial mesh

There is one thing that I kind of miss from the original Sculptris. It’s the ability to hide part of a mesh while still being able to sculpt on the visible part. Not sure if something similar could be added. Possibly as an option for the mask?

It’s not something that’s used extremely often, but I find myself needing the option here and there. I currently have a creature model that I was working on where the hands were a little closer to the body which made me think of it again. The camera often clips through the body when I’m trying to find a good angle to sculpt in some of the areas on the palm and fingers while zoomed in. I can eventually get it set and sculpted, I just thought it might be nice as an option.

Could also be helpful for a lot of other possible scenarios though. Say hiding the lower jaw in order to sculpt in some of the inner mouth when it only needs to be partially open. Though one other other option for that, Sculptris allowed for the whole model to have half of it hidden as well by toggling the number 9 I think. No keyboard shortcuts here, but could be one more option.

So, you can mask an area, then tap this button in the bottom shortcut bar:


Is that not what you’re looking for?


I thought I hit every button in this program…lol. I never touched that one. Thanks. Yes, that’s absolutely what I was looking for.