Visibility mask slightly less useful than it could be

I was going to use the visibility mask and noticed that it hides everything that is above 50% masked… is there a way to have a separate “hide polygons” channel so that we can still use masking to sculpt on partially hidden areas?

Yes I need to think about that.

For now the most problematic thing is that you can still intersect with the “hidden” part, it’s not the expected behaviour.

yeah it looks like you’re using a shader to hide, which I think is actually looks really great when the mask is smoothed, a bit like SDF fonts)

I wonder about if it speeds up rendering btw? Weta uses a similar technique to hide things per-pixel in their pipeline and it did help there at least… asking because back in the olden days that’s how I had to use Zbrush on super high end models where you could barely sculpt when they were 100% visible