Hard surfaces help

Hello, I would like some help to lower my vertices count but also keep really hard edges. Any help would be great. Thank you

Decimate does a really good job on this. You can find it in the resolution menu (upper left corner, the fourth entry). There you find multires, voxel, dyntopo and decimate. Everytime you hit decimate the number of polygons will be reduced by the selected value. However you should be aware that this one turns quads into triangles. So if you want to continue sculpting, that might not be your first choise.

Other options: Try going down one or two multires levels and see, what it does to your details. Or you could re-voxel at a lower resolution. But there you will have to do some work on your edges afterwards,

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To add to what @McGurk78 said: any time you voxel remesh, make sure the “keep sharp edges” button is ticked. This way you can remesh at high or low poly count and still keep crisp edges.


Thanks for the suggestions. :+1:t3:

Also - imo an important point - depending on how you plan to present your sculpt, you might not need razor sharp edges, which would ease your pain and polycount tremendously. Often art (every form) is not about what you can do, but what you can get away with.