Hair system and slime bridge

A hair system and slime bridge like in zbrush would be very useful.

I know the development team is very small.
I am just shooting out my desires.

I love Nomad.

Nomad is far better in terms of UX design.
With time and more features I think it will become even more popular :grin:

The fact that we can use it on IPad is an extreme plus to me.


Absolutely! A hair system and slime bridge would be fantastic and save a lot of time. Of course the hair system should include the ability to comb and style the hair. This would be a huge upgrade and really help to narrow the feature gap between Nomad and Zbrush.

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Maybe it’s a bit off the scope of Nomad, but a better way to make hair cards would be great and relatively simple to implement, for example using the tubes, now it can be done but it’s not optimal

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Hair card tubes work better in Nomad than anywhere else. Don’t need to validate the tube, UVs are created automatically, uncap the ends and create a one line profile. Add new cards by selecting the previous tube and drawing another. It’s the best app for making haircards.

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I’ve done that, not ideal. texturing them is difficult and placing them one by one is tedious. a “scatter brush” and better texturing options would make it so much better

You can directly use textured hair card


Didn’t know that! that’s great. Is there a chance for a scatter brush though?