Gizmo rotation issue not reporting correctly

Forgive me in advance if this has already been reported…
First issue: Added new plane. At validation manual input X axis rotation as “90”…. When entered, rotation reads as “89”. Undid. Used gizmo handle directly with snap 90deg active, readout is “90”.
I can’t tell if the plane was actually at 89, but that’s what it reported when input manually for 90.

Second issue: same plane as above just validated; using gizmo handles with 90deg snap active, rotated around Y axis -90, readout reads correctly +90/-90/0. Rotated another -90 (Y axis should now be -180), readout now incorrectly reports -90/0/180. Rotated around Y axis back +270(Y axis is now at 90) readout now incorrectly shows -270/90/0

Bug or I’m misunderstanding something?

89 is just a truncated display issue but the real value is ok (underlying value is 89.9999…).

Not a bug, these are equivalent.
The euler angles displayed in the UI are derived from the matrix, not the other way around.

An even simpler example: create a new object and input “180” in X rotation and it will be displayed as “-180”.

Oh, duh… makes total sense…. I was thrown by the 90 changing to a -270 when it wasn’t “changed” from my perspective… sorry!