Gizmo Rotation icon greyed out

The rotation icon in my gizmo panel is greyed out and I can’t activate it. New to this, surely missing something basic …

Can you post an image of your screen?

What is the rotation icon that you’re looking for?
To rotate the object, select the blue / red / green arcs (can be seen better in 3d view)

I’m trying to activate the Rotation degree icon in the top left panel so I can duplicate walls, then rotate them exactly 90 degrees to form a room, but that icon stays greyed out.

As @Bezzo explain, drag the red blue green circle.

Click on snap and over the colors circle, not the grey, in the picture we see a color circles, isn’t?

Check this video of @Holger_Schoenischka about gizmo

Okay - I’ve got it going now :grinning: Thanks so much Bezzo and Josepmy!


I realise what you’re looking for and it is the SNAP icon above the greyed out angle. Once you activate the snap icon, you can set the snap angle. :+1:t2:

You are welcome :smiley:

Thanks Bezzo - now snapping and rotating with precision! Appreciate your help!

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