Gizmo Degree/Percent Indication

It would be very helpful on rotation or scale to get a number indicator knowing how much we are transforming by. I know that you can set a specific degree for snaps, but on free transform or even at smaller increments of snap at 5°, it would be nice to know how many degrees or percent I did during transform. Looking to see something like this. Just to help with lining up or reference. Thanks.

It would be nice to have a live on screen value so you can see it as you’re doing it. In the meantime, you can always see how much you’ve changed it in the gizmos menu.

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Yeah, it’s what I’ve been having to resort to for now. Hopefully it’s a feature that doesn’t require too much effort to implement. It would definitely save time in my use.

You can tap on numbers in gizmo matrix and enter the precise value you want.
Else you can drag any number to transform exactly as you can see the number change and the object transform.
So you have quite some options already.

An onscreen display is pretty much technical for a sculpting app, isn’t it?