Gizmo options: slide to change value

I am missing this function really often. Would round up the functionality:

Tap an hold on number and then slide to change with finger. Sometimes so much easier in complex scenes and without any risk to manipulate a different part by accident.


I have also suggested this before, would be a super practical thing.

In Procreate there is such a function - you pick the slider and move away with your finger to adjust the value - the further away your finger is, the finer the value is adjusted.
It would also be handy if you could select the views - top, side, front… from the view cube - directly in the matrix.

Regarding views:
you can pin the gizmo options and use the cube for quick changes without options being closed.

I even wouldn’t see a slider as necessary to save space.
Just tap, hold and drag on numbers. Instead of opening input box, you’ll see the numbers being changed. A good idea to change resolution according to distance.

It would be out of general Nomad logic, but this way one could keep it compact.

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