From Nomad to Print and Paint

I’ve been drawing this fella for years and after watching some tutorials on radial symmetry decided to see if I could do a pumpkin fairly easily, then i got kind of carried away.

And here he is printed out and painted and wired up:


So cool! Very good painting and love the lighting :clap:t3::clap:t3:

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Thanks! I ended up doing a 2nd printing as the first one I hadn’t planned on the lights so had had to drill holes, 2nd time I pre-cut the holes before slicing and used flickering leds.


Very cool. A very nice scene!

If you want to make your wiring more invisible, you can have a look for “Enamelled copper wire” - well that is wordly translated.
It is super thin copper wire (0,15mm - 0,10mm) with a thin coat of enamel instead of plastic isolation.
You can buy it already wired to tiny smd LEDs 0603 / 0402 / 0201.
Train modellers are using it, I used it for my tiny remote controlled cars those days.

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Thanks! I’ll look into this especially pre-wired, my soldering skills are ok for this size but smaller is likely beyond me :slight_smile: