For low-poly characters: Sculpt head separately from body?

I’m trying to make low-poly realistic human characters for animation. Not super-low poly: I’m aiming for 25,000-30,000 polys, say.

I tend to make nicely-shaped bodies, but then my faces suffer from a lack of detail, as I worry that I’ve already reached my poly limit – and as I get tired, heh. Is it better practice to sculpt the head separately from the body? For that matter, the hands and feet too? I always worry that remeshing will wipe out details in extremities, the eyes, the nose, etc.

I suppose I can remesh while masking off part of the model, but maybe it’s simpler to split hands/head/hair/feet off from the model and do them separately? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

I’m a total beginner with Nomad and am curious about this question. Do other users create models in Nomad to animate in other programs? What pitfalls do you have to look out for? I have some Blender experience (not sculpting) and wonder about exporting cartoon characters for animation.