Fly through mode

Would be nice to have a fly-through mode so we could walk through buildings to see how a player would be able to explore the location.

Probably not gonna happen :slightly_smiling_face:


Nomad, my app of choice for designing locations for our game.
Just a quick overpaint. Will do a proper concept once all is set.

A better way to navigate through the scene would be much appreciated. Especially for large scenes the current way is a bit inconvenient.


Something like Sketchfab first person view?
(Settings icon → first person view) Home Hermitage - 3D model by aomi905 [ee1e81f] - Sketchfab


Settings - first person? In Nomad?
I can’t find it

Talking about Sketchfab

More like the walk through tool in SKETCHUP for the view tool in Nomad Sculpt. SketchUp Training Series: Walk tool - YouTube If Sketchfab’s First Person View worked without a keyboard, that would be perfect. I also always have trouble navigating objects with the camera in large scenes in Nomad Sculpt.


First person can be tested at nomad - WebAssembly
Also note the web demo has “air pivot” for the other mode which can ease navigation even if you don’t zoom on a surface directly.

Sketchfab works on mobile, didn’t you try the link?

No because it’s limited to a single plane, you cannot fly.
Also collision and stuffs which doesn’t make much sense in a Sculpting software.

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Super ! First Person View works very well.

In Sketchfab :the keyboard allows navigation with the arrow keys, that makes it easier to reach the position - without keyboard it is a bit more difficult - but First Person View in Nomad Sculpt also has the keyboard function for the arrow keys.
If you navigate in First Person without keyboard something like zoom to the next point would be useful - I hope the translation is understandable.
Example photo: to zoom into the house through the window you have to zoom about 10x with your fingers - a double tap on an object in the house and you jump e.g.: to the fireplace.

But I am already happy about the current First Person View - thanks !

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Wow that’s terrific!!!

Can’t wait to have it on the iPad.

Hi Stéphane,

First of all I want express gratitude for such an amazing application. It’s really first class, and an app that almost makes it worth buying an android tablet. However, this feature would be a home run, and I hope I understand correctly that you’re working on it. Would it be possible to give a rough ETA on how soon this feature could be available on Android?

I would really like to use Nomad sculpt in an upcoming project that I have to work on, in which I need to render environments. Currently, it is extremely difficult to manipulate the view such that it provides a good… er… view of at least an interior environment. Something like a WSAD first person movement with E and Q for up and down like Unreal Engine and Blender. Honestly, that would open up this program to be more than just a scuplting tools, as it already supports working with so many objects, has great performance and pbr, hdri as well as local lightsources, not to mention the modeling tools (well, some basic poly modeling maybe in the future?) I would pay for that.

PS. I think there should be an ability to look around, without moving/rotating the camera. So it would not be a rotation, but a first person look view matrix transformation.

First person view will be available in next release

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