Filter for sculping only for Face Group

Hello, I have a suggestion that add a new filter for all sculpt tools, that called “sculpt face groups only” so, if it active that will make when someone sculping, only the area that highlining with face groups will affect, other face groups will not being touch because the filter are On, this filter will be helpful and there will be no more to hide and unhide or mask the face groups

It’s being added in the next update. You can test it on the web demo.

hello Roger, i can’t find it in the web demo, could you please send screenshot of the filter?

This hasn’t made it to the webdemo yet, but I’m pretty sure it will be added in the future. Current workflow (on the web demo / testflight) is to use mask by facegroup & invert so you can sculpt only on the unmasked areas.

thanks, i truly hope they add it ASAB. because it will save a lot of time and make other choice of sculpting if someone didn’t need to hide other face groups or masking :+1: