Filling and patching holes

Morning peeps!

What presets and tool settingswould you recommend, to fill these holes, I have tried the clay, flatten, layer, and Smooth brushes, to no avail my results are terrible!


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Smooth is the only tool that will really help on that curved surfaces.

But you always need to check your polygon density, also if you want us to help it is important to see what is going on under the hood.
Even though Nomad is making things terribly easy, you will get best results if you care about basics. So best to avoid this from very beginning. Blockout your form till you are happy, maybe voxel remesh (you loose sharp corners) for equal density and add detail after! Easy said, terrible to obey.

Try this one first.

Check your wireframe.
If the holes don’t have very dense topology just do this:

Use smooth and put intensity multiplier in brush menu all the way up.
Hoover carefully over the holes. Keep going, more…more…increase pressure.

If the holes have very dense topology , you probably want to reduce this first.
Use smooth brush,
put strength to 0
Go to topology menu
Check dynamic topology
Check radius
Check decimation

Now try best settings to get homogene mesh density.
After, switch off dyntopo and put up smooth strength. Do what I wrote as first step. Smoothing with passion.

This will work.

If not, maybe you do something terribly wrong :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :vulcan_salute:

Edit: the Sharp corners on inner ring are not a good idea anyway. That will hurt.

Just fill the hole with a primitive. If you don’t want to remesh you can do a simple merge but voxel merge is better. You could also take the drag tool and move a piece of the model over the hole to fill it smooth that and remesh

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@Pawnzrtasty Have you tried your advices successfully by yourself?
Any voxel remesh is no option as the piece is almost finished. Only voxel remesh with very high density around probably 1000 could work, but smoothing with very high density is tedious.

One can do anything and it will lead to wished result, sooner or later.
But better sooner. :wink:

There’s a setting that lets simple merge act like a voxel merge. Meaning it connects the objects without remeshing. That might be the only option. They could probably still drag a small piece over the hole and use dynamic topology to add more mesh then smooth it out.

Thank you. Btw the edge of the inner ring will be smoothed after printing.

Thank you.

Ah, ok. I did this always in advance. No need to overwork later.

I would really test smoothing out methods with a sphere to get these problems solved before working on high detailed models. This makes work so much more relaxing later. :wink: Let me know if that worked for you.