Female Head

Hi All!!
I modeled a female head. I´m not a goode faces modeler but y tryed… anyway I go to more practice…
I wanted to model Jennifer Connelly but this is the result :slightly_frowning_face:
First time modeled hair in Nomad. Used 2D planes to eyeslash and eyebrow and Tubes to hair.


Painstaking work, results are gorgeous! Love the rendering, fab work dude

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Amazing, wow


Sorayama tribute :slight_smile:


Wow, you made Jennifer Connolly look more attractive than she actually is :joy:
Awesome hair, brows & lashes! I’m working on my patience whilst modelling but I look at this work and I just couldn’t. Lol.


Shes my childhood idol! Great job you nailed her likeness and sorayama is amazing

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Playing with same head.
¿Cybornnelly?, ¿Clonnelly?, anyway, Jennifer forever… :sweat_smile:


So What are you, some senior modeler for Netflix? LMAO.

Great work man, every piece is jawdropping

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Really Amazing!

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Fantastic! I’ve just downloaded the program. I’ve never used a program like this but used a lot of cad programs. I think I’m going to have to start learning all over again! Beautiful work!! :smiley:

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This is really cool! Your Sorayama style rocks!

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Great stuff!

Awesome work! How did you achieve the eyelashes and eyebrows? Are they painted on or are those individual tubes?

I maked a individuals “planes” in Nomad with custom subdivitions…
Thanks for comments

Epic!, no words