Fast way for adjusting Dynamic topology value

Dynamic topology is one of the greatest features in Nomad and i use it all the time, but as i’m constantly changing the amount of detail i have to go to top menu, then scroll down and then adjust the value.
So i’d love to have a fast way to change the value. Something like tap and hold the icon to bring a mini window as the isllustration below.


An even faster way would be to touch DynTopo icon and just slide up or down just like ajusting size and intensity values.

It can’t be done because the left bar is often scrollable (depending on screen size).

The scrollable issue has been a long standing issue.

Ok, but what about touch and hold to show DynTopo slider?

Good idea but hard to place on interface

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No additional element on the interface, just a small popup slider… :slight_smile:

I like it, tap icon, hold, drag to adjust. No slider
Just a number above icon.

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Exactly! And tap+hold will not affect scrolling function.

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