For the circle / ellipse selection a 2nd tap function to rotate the selection

When the ellipse is active, it would be handy to tap the screen with the 2nd finger to rotate the ellipse.

Good idea but…
No!! This is short thinking.
We need transform, not only rotate and we don’t need a bunch of extra functions, just one switch.

Drag pencil to create ellipse.
Tap with one finger on canvas whilde holding pencil to change to transform mode.
Now transform elipse, square, line etc like with transform tool functionality. (not gizmo, the transform tool)
Tap again to execute.

This would cover all needs and would be very very useful :vulcan_salute: :heart_eyes:


Watching your radial Symmetrie tutorial it is getting obvious, that we need the optional switch to transform for anything included dynamic radius as well.
Hell!! That would make work so much more professional in Nomad!
Moving a mask with transform tool!

Would even speed up insert tool as well, wouldn’t it?

Drag with pencil, tap with finger to switch to transform.
Uncertain about Transform tool functionality, which is innovative and fast or with Gizmo, which is more precise?
Maybe a toggle as well?? :laughing:

Ahh man, that would be so monster cool. Something which is itching me from day one working with Nomad! No way to transform ellipse for trim etc.
But with all these options, Nomad would outperform anything I know.

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