Extending outer size of plane without altering original

Have been happily using Nomad for about a year but im totally stumped with this:
I have sculpted a landscape on a plane but now need to extend around the edges (tripling the size) without any distortion to the original in the centre. Is this possible?
I’ve tried various things like pushing another plane up to the edges and merging them but the whole thing shreds.
Can planes be extruded? Another idea I had was to create a block with the uneven landscape plane on top and then extend the block. Really confused!

One method is to make a plane that is the larger size that you want & subdivide it enough to have the same detail as your central area.
Then mask off the new plane so only the central area is unmasked.
Finally reproject vertex of large plane onto original central area, giving you a larger plane with original detail in middle.

For this to work, the original landscape needs to be sculpted from a single plane & also have a hollow base.

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Like this

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Thanks so much for your help, you’re a legend! :muscle:

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Did it work for your landscape?