Export from demo version

I am really impressed by Nomad Sculpt, so after trying the /demo version, I purchased the app (in Play Store), expecting to be able to activate the Export function.
But I guess I was wrong? It seems that the export will not be available in the /demo?
It there a way to enable it, since I unfortunately do not have a tablet/iPad. Alternatively, can I open the model I have created in /demo on my phone, and export it from there?

Of course you can save or export after purchasing the app. Especially, from Play Store. Sometimes it takes some time, but that is due to Google. If after a day it is not working:
You should contact @stephomi

It’s not possible, the web demo is only for testing purposes.
You can load the model but you won’t be able to export it back.

Thanks @stephomi - what a bummer! I should have read the message properly. Hope you have the desktop version ready soon, I really like the software!

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