New web demo interface

I’ve already try the web demo but sadly it is like the trial version of the Android app even though I’ve already purchased the full version of the app, I wonder what are the export options for PLY in the web demo. What abou instead the web demo should be like the full version of the app with no paywall but the ‘export’ button is dummy. And so that many people can look how the app looks like before upgrading it to full version.

Have you tried refreshing the browser? The web demo is pretty much always a more advanced version to the release version as it is for testing new things. It can’t save or export & has limited undos.

I know that the web demo is like the beta version of Nomad Sculpt when I load it for the first time but I’m requesting for making modifications to the web demo interface like the full paid version of the app, not the trial unpaid version. And also, I wonder what are the export options for the new PLY file format without having to wait the app update and we could just make the ‘export’ button dummy.

Ply export options are Vertex Colours and PBR paint.
The web demo is EXACTLY the same as the fully paid app but with additional things that are being worked on……

OK, thank you for your information!