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The App is very good, but this new update that you can’t even save a screenshot of your project is very bad, make an exception at least for saving project images be free.

The new update (1.66) is still only available as beta and will be available on the App Store soon. Or are you talking about the web assembly version online? This is just a demo and development testing ground for new features, not just a free version and is limited in saving functionality accordingly… otherwise why would people bother paying for the app :wink:

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I mean the new version even for Android, it’s not possible to capture a photo of the project, unless I’m wrong, I try to take a photo of the project on my cell phone, but I can’t export the project either.I can’t even save photos to PNG.

I’m confused, just looked on Google Play and it’s still version 1.65 released last November, do you maybe need to restore purchase?

That’s it, my complaint is that in the old version I could even make a screenshot of the PNG type,but in this version now even that requires payment, and I don’t have the paid version yet brother.

Ahhh, there’s the problem, buy the app and problem solved!


Are you sure you got the “old version” in the Google Play store…?
PNG export has always been behind paywall

I noticed we have generic male bust as primitive in nomad can we add generic female as well please ? Thanks

There is a generic male bust as primitive in nomad 1.66? That’s nice!

It would be cool, if you can create primitives by yourself and add them in the list. The standard remain there and are secured and underneath there is then space for 2-3 own

For now the bust is for web demo only.

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