Export files using Nomad Sculpt on PC

I’ve just started using Nomad Sculpt on Android and have also installed it on my PC using BlueStacks so I can work on the same projects on either device. When I try to export as stl or obj I get the attached page that won’t let me do anything. Am I doing something incorrectly or is using Nomad sculpt on a PC actually a no no?

Wouldn’t say it’s a no-no because there’s no desktop build of Nomad - it’s just the android version emulated on another platform. I’ve seen others doing the same, however this hasn’t ever been brought up as an issue. That being said, this was also previous builds, but just because it wasn’t mentioned doesn’t mean the issue also didn’t prevail. Whilst exporting .stl and .obj files work fine as intended, it could be a myriad of reasons from either something the emulator isn’t liking, or just user error. I’m only offering some clearing through the tree’s, Stephane is the only person who would know what is most probably/definitely going on.