Elve Head study

A sculpt I did of an Elve head. Some curve adjustments in procreate for the render. Some day i will be able to sculpt open eyes, hah!


Really nice!

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Thanks! This app continues to blow my mind.

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Nice sculpt work! :+1:t2:

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A few renders of a quick sculpt from this evening. Really looking forward to the AO and lighting enhancements in the next version! :smile: The last render i composited in Procreate.


Wow~ that’s cool. I started studying this app today. I wish I could do it like you. :smiley:

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Thank you. I tried a few more renders with the new light setup (haven’t had time to sculpt anything new so just rendered some previous models.) I’m loving the new lighting/rendering capabilities.


And a few Skull close ups.


The new lighting additions make a big difference. Looking good. :+1:t2:

Thanks Adam!

Another test with lights and shadows


Looks really great!
I can see my desktop pc gathering dust now with this update! :+1:t2:

Looks great! Nice job

Awesome work!

Solid work! On par with anything done on a desktop. Do you mind if I ask what your process is?

Thanks! Nothing too special process wise, I usually start with the sphere and use the move tool to block the general shape, making sure my proportions are where i want them. Sometimes I’ll voxel remesh here.

Then i really like using the Clay brush to get my forms down. Then i like to smooth, but I don’t want to smooth too much.

I love the Inflate Brush! I keep the pressure pretty low and just start inflating the shapes.

Also I duplicate my models several times while i’m working, so i can go back if i screw something up. :sweat_smile:

Im also very mindful of the density of the mesh. It’s gotta stay practical to work with.

I typically wait until i’m happy with everything before I Sub divide and add the fine detail with alphas or what not.

Tools i use most:
Clay (and sub clay)

Hope that helps.

Thanks! That sounds similar to my process. Not erasing too much is something I need to work on. Those “construction lines” inform me as I go along in addition to providing some additional form, and I need to stop wiping them out (along with the forms underneath, sometimes). Duplicating the model is also something I need to be more mindful of. It is not uncommon to get on a roll only to step back and realize I muddied my sculpt up and undoing 100 strokes isn’t practical. Knowing when to say when is something I need to get ahold of.

Thanks again!