Anatomy Studies

@Adam had thrown out an idea that I liked on another thread… to grab a sphere and start sculpting an ear, mouth, whatever… I liked that idea and will use this post to start adding different studies. I think these are fun exercises, you can do them in an hour or so, and they help build your eye…
I’ll start out with a nose…


And an ear…


And here’s an eye


And a healthy dose of collagen :slightly_smiling_face:


And, of course I could t resist putting it all together… this was fun… I added a sphere for the skull and a cylinder for the neck. Then a voxel merge on everything (some of the detail got lost here).
Using the “fill” option from the flatten brush to fill in any merge artifacts, some quick sculpting and some smoothing… in about a half hour, I ended up with this guy!


Nice looking sculpts! :+1:t2:
I find these small exercises are especially good when you use Nomad on a mobile phone.
These practice sculpts make a great mix and match library of assets that you can just import and merge into new creations. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanx man. These are fun little exercises. I haven’t modeled in zbrush since 2.5 beta (bout 15 years or so), so I’m just getting back into it… I started back on zbrush a few months ago and now nomad (I love the tactile feeling of the iPad) and I’ve been loving the dynamesh/voxel mesh workflow. These packages have gotten so much better since I last modeled in zbrush. It truly is Like working with clay… havin a blast with these :grinning:

And this is just because I can’t seem to put this one down :slight_smile:
I wanted to make him a little more realistic. I’m gonna put it down and start on a new one now :slight_smile:

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DaveK, I love it! I need to jump in!

Thanx G-man! Jump in, the waters fine :slight_smile:

Playin around with paint and shaders… this is rough, I’ll post an update as I get there, but I was pretty happy that nomad can get a skin-like quality to it


Nice work!

Thanx @CarlMcRaven!

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