Easy way to change voxel size

Hello I’m not sure if there is already an easy way to change the voxel size for remeshing, but the only way I found so far is by opening the mesh panel and change the voxel remeshing resolution on the slider there…
I would like to prupose an easier way to achieve this, it would be amazing if you would click and slide to the sides on the voxel button it would change the voxel grid, and tapping the button would perform the remeshing how it does now.
This way it would be easy to increase or decrease the resolution whitout having to add any thing new to the UI.

That’s the only way. The only other quick thing you can do is add the voxel remesh button to the bottom control strip so you can just tap it as and when needed. (I know not the same). Changing the resolution changes the voxel size, it’s really simple enough as it is tbh and dead simple to just move one slider bar along back and forth.

Yeah don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing how it is already, just trying to suggest an extra layer of refinement, yes I have the voxel button in the bottom of the UI, in fact that’s the one I was referring to use as a drag to change voxel size and tap to perform the voxel remesh.

I notice that the voxel size is shared with the dynamic topology, so the same behaviour, click and slide could be added to the button to enable/disable dynamic topology, only this case up and down since it’s on the side of the UI.

The main drawback on my opinion on the current way is that you need to open the mesh tab and it takes a lot of screen real state. Perhaps on the ipad pros it’s not an issue, but on the normal ipad it gets a bit cramped

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Fair enough, it would allow for slightly quicker work flow. Only hinderance with accessing the voxel remesher is when too many primitives and objects are on the scene and a lot of scrolling to get to it - which in a nutshell your comment alluded to as i write this - Stephane has been working on scene folders and a way to organise objects neater and more orderly, so this will make the remesher easier to access. You can scale down the UI in the display settings by the way which is what I do to enhance screen real estate - and perhaps the easiest and most simple way to access the remesher would just be a dedicated keyboard shortcut that brings you to it straight away. There’s lots of ways things can be refined I guess. Nice input. :+1: